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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Just wanted to give an update. The house is not done, not even close. My insurance adjuster... ever see The Incredible's? You know that little short twit with the glasses? I had no idea that he actually lived! SO- after 3 weeks we have got all the financial stuff figured out (if you would of seen his original bid- I get angry just thinking about it). I FINALLY have the checks- but did you know because of the Hurricane Katrina victims there is a federal law that prohibits insurance companies from giving you over $5000 without your mortgage company them endorsing the check along with my husband and I? You see these crappy little "victims" took their checks and instead of using it to fix their broken house, they used the money as a down payment on a new house... and left the old one for crap to the bank. SO- if you can imagine this has been a super fun experience (like sticking your head in boiling water...)

And we have decided because it is a buyers market, why not sell our house and move into a bigger one? The only problem- that would be selling our house, however, once is it beautiful I really think we will be okay. But who knows- I want to move our neighboorhood is really falling apart.

In the mean time, it is the holidays, I do not have a tree up, my decorations are - somewhere.... and I am in Dave and Sylvia's house. I know count my blessings- I can do that but having a family of 7 crammed into a itty bitty house which the upstairs it totally off limits is SO hard. AND not 1 room is kid proof- not one. In fact as I write this I think I am hearing Adam dumping yet another box of cereal all over the floor... I am just so burnt. Did you know that you can shove a 5 pound bag of open dog food and ALL of it will fit in mommy's purse?

Anyway- that is us. Alive and healthy- which really is the most important part. But - :::sigh:::


At December 10, 2008 at 9:23 PM , Blogger Bastianclan said...

Oh is sounds like so much fun Jaime. NOT!!! What a mess. Good luck in the home dept. I hope you find a bigger house and fast.
I'm glad everything worked out with the insurance adjuster I would have hated it if you would have thrown him through several walls. Giggles. *Hugs*

At December 11, 2008 at 7:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH JAMIE!!! I really feel for you! My parents went through something like this when I was a teenagerand my Brother just returned from his mission; and it sucked!! Except, we had to live in our house with tarps everywhere and had to take showers at my Great Grandmas house 2 miles away.... that lasted a year...FUN TIMES FUN TIMES!!!
Despite it all there were great memoreis made and we now look back on it and laugh. Someday, this will be just another memory in your book of life. Have a wonderful, Merry Christmas! I will be thinking of you and praying for you!!!


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