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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our family

We are still at David and Sylvia's. Our house is finished and we have it on the market. We decided what a great oppurtunity to move into a bigger house and a better neighborhood. Our agent is amazing but the market is SO hard right now, we are just holding on for dear life praying that it sells. In the mean time the kids are all good. Alex has joined the wrestling team, Matthew just had a teacher conference and he is doing SO well, and Jacob just continues to be the amazing little boy that he is. The store is doing well, and Ezra is doing well at work. I went on a ride along with him and I am just amazed what he does in 1 shift. He is so great at what he does, and observant! Anyway thats what we are up too, hopefully the next time I post we will be moved and the pictures will be of our new house!

Adam and David

David's 3rd Birthday Cake- Wow Wow Wubzy!



Double Trouble!
Happy birthday to my baby boy, may 3 take as much mischief from your sole as possible! HA HA! David out of all 5 boys is my out of the box thinker, he is too smart for his own good and he ALWAYS has us on our toes. Besides the fact he speaks so amazing for someone his age, he is not afraid to use that vocabulary- like "Oh mommy, you nuts" or "You like a baby"- when not getting his way or my personal favorite, he has got into a bad habit of calling people stupid, Ezra and I have really laid into him about this, so he's modified the word he calls people "Stoop" because thats not calling them stupid.
And then there is Adam, his personality has popped lately. He is a very quiet boy, he watches everything and does not say a whole lot. He is 18 months and knows 7 body parts and his comprehension is AMAZING! He and David are constantly in trouble! They team up and David realizes he is going to get into trouble he will have Adam do it!


I only grabbed a couple of pictures from Christmas. This year Alex was at his mom's and we are still staying at Dave and Sylvia's. The kids had a great Christmas! Matthew and Jacob's favorite present was the Wii. David was hilarious on Christmas morning- he wanted nothing to do with it. He refused to open his stocking or any of his other presents, we ended up helping him open things up because he was not down with opening gifts from the Santa guy...HA HA! So David, and his favorite gift? A vacuum, we got him a battery powered one and he was in heaven! What did I get? A diamond ring- Ezra's the man this Christmas. It is white gold with princess cut diamonds- I love it and I was not expecting it at all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Just wanted to give an update. The house is not done, not even close. My insurance adjuster... ever see The Incredible's? You know that little short twit with the glasses? I had no idea that he actually lived! SO- after 3 weeks we have got all the financial stuff figured out (if you would of seen his original bid- I get angry just thinking about it). I FINALLY have the checks- but did you know because of the Hurricane Katrina victims there is a federal law that prohibits insurance companies from giving you over $5000 without your mortgage company them endorsing the check along with my husband and I? You see these crappy little "victims" took their checks and instead of using it to fix their broken house, they used the money as a down payment on a new house... and left the old one for crap to the bank. SO- if you can imagine this has been a super fun experience (like sticking your head in boiling water...)

And we have decided because it is a buyers market, why not sell our house and move into a bigger one? The only problem- that would be selling our house, however, once is it beautiful I really think we will be okay. But who knows- I want to move our neighboorhood is really falling apart.

In the mean time, it is the holidays, I do not have a tree up, my decorations are - somewhere.... and I am in Dave and Sylvia's house. I know count my blessings- I can do that but having a family of 7 crammed into a itty bitty house which the upstairs it totally off limits is SO hard. AND not 1 room is kid proof- not one. In fact as I write this I think I am hearing Adam dumping yet another box of cereal all over the floor... I am just so burnt. Did you know that you can shove a 5 pound bag of open dog food and ALL of it will fit in mommy's purse?

Anyway- that is us. Alive and healthy- which really is the most important part. But - :::sigh:::

Saturday, November 22, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

SO- Because my family is not going through enough right now.... :::sigh:::

David decided to jump on the air mattresses we have Alex and Matthew sleeping on and bonk right into the piano bench.... 7 stitches (and 2 to repair the torn muscle he went down to).

The picture of his leg was because he wanted everyone to see his blood- HA HA... and I took this picture of Ezra who has just started working graves and was SO very tierd. Please pray that we have no drama for the next couple of weeks!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Home Disaster!!!!

Our toliet broke a little over a week ago, Ezra changed parts of the toliet but the "flappy thing" - I do not know the official word- was not sealing correctly. On Monday, November 10th, Ezra was putting the baby to sleep when leaving our room he said water was EVERYWHERE down the hall, in the bathroom, in our room, David's room, the kitchen. Even worse the water went down stairs... so we rented a rug doctor and cleaned the best we could. We even put industrial fans on it- no luck. On Wednesday our house started to stink, and on Thursday we called the insurance, within a short time there was someone there telling us that we had to get out of the house because they had to demo it, remove everything to dry it out- WHAT?? We had to move out in less than 24 hours. So we did- we had no boxes- our house was packed in many many garbage bags and put into a storage unit (Can you imagine how fun that is going to be to unpack???) They say the house will be dry on Wednesday and then the real demo takes place because they cannot just remove part of the tile, rug, or wood flooring - ALL OF IT has to come out. In the mean time we are lucky enough to have our parents near by David and Sylvia let us come live with them. They say it should like 3 weeks to a month to fix our home. Here is the damage....

House Pt 2