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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Adam and David

David's 3rd Birthday Cake- Wow Wow Wubzy!



Double Trouble!
Happy birthday to my baby boy, may 3 take as much mischief from your sole as possible! HA HA! David out of all 5 boys is my out of the box thinker, he is too smart for his own good and he ALWAYS has us on our toes. Besides the fact he speaks so amazing for someone his age, he is not afraid to use that vocabulary- like "Oh mommy, you nuts" or "You like a baby"- when not getting his way or my personal favorite, he has got into a bad habit of calling people stupid, Ezra and I have really laid into him about this, so he's modified the word he calls people "Stoop" because thats not calling them stupid.
And then there is Adam, his personality has popped lately. He is a very quiet boy, he watches everything and does not say a whole lot. He is 18 months and knows 7 body parts and his comprehension is AMAZING! He and David are constantly in trouble! They team up and David realizes he is going to get into trouble he will have Adam do it!


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